Task Management and Webshop

Start tasks from processes and full automation via Webshop

  • Duration: 3 days, week 1: 2 days, week 2: 1 day
  • Location: Ontrex AG, Haldenstrasse 23, 8306 Brüttisellen
  • Participants: max. 8

Currently no course dates are scheduled for this training.

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You can also attend this training virtually. Please also note the technical requirements.


This training will be held in German language.

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  • Serviceware Processes: Administration and System Knowledge training


This training focuses on task management and administration of the webshop. It provides the knowledge for the administration and shows the possibilities to start simple tasks from the main processes and goes up to full automation via webshop. The course is divided into two phases. In the first week the knowledge is imparted in 2 days and anchored with practical examples. One week later questions are answered and own use cases are discussed and/or implemented.


Serviceware Processes Administrators, Service Desk Managers, Process Managers, Application Managers


  • Overview of the Serviceware Processes Task Management / BPMN Modeler
  • Overview of the Serviceware Processes Webshop
  • Create Taskpackage-Templates and subprocesses including Notifications, PowerShell, Web services, Approvals, Survey and Master Data customization
  • Administration of the Webshop products
  • Automation - combination of subprocesses & webshop


At the end of the course, you will be able to create individual tasks, task package templates and subprocesses, and you will be able to pass on this knowledge internally. Through practical examples you will understand the integration possibilities of PowerShell and Web Services and be able to implement them. You can start notifications and polls from the subprocesses and integrate them into the main processes.

Participation Fee

CHF 2,690.00, VAT excl.