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Software Packaging.

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New software versions must be precisely tailored to your complex infrastructure. The highly specialized experts in our Software Packaging Atelier provide individually tested software packages for this purpose, tailored to your needs and in accordance with Swiss quality standards. In this way, you reduce both time and effort as well as error rates and costs in a guaranteed and measurable way.

Software packaging with function guarantee.

All software packages are created exclusively by proven and industry-recognized experts with many years of experience in the field of software packaging. Quality assurance according to the four-eyes principle in our own QA laboratory is just as self-evident as a smoke test on the target environment. Ontrex also strives to always point out technical or functional errors on the part of the manufacturer.

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Nearsite Software Packaging.

The most efficient method of package creation. Thanks to the industrialization of workflows and quality assurance in the Ontrex SPA, it is possible to reduce package turnaround time and increase the quality of installation and configuration packages. Upload and tracking via the SPA portal.


On-Site Consulting & Packaging.

Software packages are created and put through their paces by our experts directly on-site in your IT environment. Whether for short or longer-term deployments - our team of experts always delivers the highest quality.


DPD Direct Package Download.

High quality MSI, App-V or MSIX packages for 100+ industry standard packaged software products in a subscription model. Also available as a managed service, with notification service by Ontrex when updates are released. Upon request, direct integration into the distribution system.

Certified security concept.

All MSI & MSIX packages leaving our premises are digitally signed; upon request, installations unsigned by the manufacturer can also be re-signed by Ontrex. In addition, all software packages, as well as all technical equipment in the Ontrex SPA, are monitored by a multi-level security procedure; test protocols can be provided. Of course, all file transfers take place exclusively via HTTPS.

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