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Enterprise Service Management.

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Service Delivery.

Our longterm experience and extensive expertise ensure unique consulting - from strategies and business models to the implementation of your software platform and ongoing support.

Ontrex AG is the Serviceware Master Reseller for Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. In this capacity, we sell, implement and support software solutions for a wide range of customers of various sizes and industries.


Support Services

Fast, competent help with all questions concerning your Serviceware system.

Quick accessibility, the right contact person and reliable answers count in service. Especially for people who provide service themselves.

To ensure that your Serviceware system remains productive at all times, our service is there for you.

The Ontrex Support is available for you

  • By telephone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00
  • Between 07:00 and 20:00 o'clock the Serviceware Support is additionally available in urgent cases.
  • By mail
  • And around the clock in the Ontrex Portal

24/7 System Critical Support Service

Do you need extended support services? Then the 24/7 System Critical Support Service is the solution for you.

  • Extended support hours with 24/7 Critical Support
  • Individually customized services possible
  • Special service level agreements
  • Extend our basic support hours (Mon.-Fri. 07-20 hrs) to 24/7 support! (7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
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Managed Services

Secure operation of your systems - on-premise or in the cloud.

Use Ontrex Managed Services to relieve your IT staff of system operations. Managed Services offer you a comprehensive program of standardized services for system operation.

From regular health checks to ensure system stability and risk detection to complete solution operation on-premise or in the cloud. Find out more about the services and put together the package that suits you best. We will be happy to advise you!

Solution Management Service
Operation of your Serviceware solution (for on-premise/in-house operation).

Relieve the burden on your own IT specialists/application administrators, increase efficiency and ensure the long-term successful operation of your Serviceware Processes environment!

System Check Service
Proactive monthly/quarterly analysis of your environment by an experienced Serviceware specialist.

Avoid system failures and malfunctions proactively with the System Check Service. Thus, you not only ensure the success of the solution, but also actively avoid unnecessary costs!

Software Update Service
Secure your Serviceware Update at a fixed price!

This ensures that your Serviceware Processes system is always up to date at predictable costs. With the Update Service we install the latest version at a fixed price!

Private Cloud
Hosting and operation of your individual Serviceware environment within our data center in Germany.

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Small Order Services

Fast implementation of small orders with reliable know-how for your Serviceware environment.

For minor adjustments or extensions to the system, experienced specialists from Ontrex AG are available on short notice. As a result, the solution that fits your needs best is implemented into your system within a few days of receipt of the request.

Service processes change and so do the requirements for your system. That's why Serviceware Processes is designed to enable you to adapt your system to your needs at any time.

You often need to implement these adaptations at short notice. In this case, you can quickly access our experts via the Ontrex Service Delivery Team.

The Service Delivery Team checks the feasibility for you, takes over the design of the solution and implements the change technically.

Your added value of the Small Order Services

  • Support by trained Ontrex senior professionals with a wealth of experience. Our work minimizes your risks.
  • Requirements analysis and solution design are free of charge.
  • Within the shortest possible time, you will receive a solution that exactly fits your needs.
  • Implementation is usually fast and uncomplicated via remote access.
  • Support exactly when you need it. This allows you to react quickly to changes in your business.
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Processes & Solutions - AI-supported.

Discover our unique portfolio of solutions with software and consulting to digitize, automate and simplify service processes, no matter what challenges you face in IT, HR or shared customer services.

Enterprise Service Management

The successful future of enterprise service management begins where systems and precise processes allow business and services to interact. The ease of use, rapid response and direct interaction of comprehensive service management excites service employees and their customers. In addition, important comfort zones are created that make work easier for everyone involved.

That's why you should choose Serviceware. A service management platform that saves time and costs, increases flexibility, supports digitalization and takes the entire company an important step further towards an innovative, perfect service experience.

Serviceware stands for a unique solution portfolio for the digitalization and automation of service processes. No matter what challenges you face in the service areas of IT, Facility, HR or Shared Customer Services: Decide for yourself which service domain you start with. The platform modules are available to you in every area.


More transparency for your users through a clear digital service catalog.

CIOs are right to invest a lot of time and money in defining suitable service catalogs for IT services. Their goal: clarity in the service offering and sensible design of future services. But other service domains such as facility or HR also offer users a wide range of services. They can all be accessed in a central, company-wide catalog. In order for these investments to be profitable, the definitions must become part of the daily routine of enterprise service management. Do this easily with your Serviceware solution.


Multi-channel access to service.

Offer your services online around the clock - for more user satisfaction. Offer customers a variety of communication channels with telephone, chat, e-mail, and web portal. This not only increases efficiency, but also ensures satisfied customers and employees.


The right priorities with Analytics & Reporting.

A comprehensive set of standard service evaluations and easy-to-use self-service options provide a solid basis for future decisions. Find out the current status of your service team at a glance. Using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you can monitor, for example, the percentage availability of a service, the number of faults or orders per month. Thus, you can continuously and sustainably optimize your service quality.

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IT Service Management

Delight your employees and customers with an unforgettable service experience. Increase your IT efficiency and achieve excellent service quality by automating your service management processes. At the same time, you can also reduce your costs by freeing up your service staff to focus on other tasks. Work smart, not hard!


Certified best practice workflows according to ITIL.

Ensure the quality of your IT service management with proven templates for IT processes. ITIL is still the standard for describing IT processes. And therefore also the standard to which ITSM software must be oriented. This is why Serviceware solutions for ITSM are based on the ITIL framework. Other processes (ordering, contract management, etc.). can be integrated without any problems.


Information for optimal IT service management: the CMDB.

An integrated Asset & Configuration Management Database (CMDB) brings transparency to your infrastructure and helps avoid business risks. This is how you make IT service even more efficient.


Make the work of ITSM employees easier.

IT service works best where service staff can concentrate on their tasks. Provide your IT staff with an ITSM tool that relieves them of routine tasks, supports them with information and tools, and guides them through ITIL-based processes completely automatically.

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HR Service Management

Increase employee motivation with suitable HR services.

Long waiting times, multiple inquiries and then the answer from the HR department again leaves questions unanswered. At the same time, HR employees are not getting anywhere because they have to answer the same questions over and over again.

There is a different way! With Serviceware, employees and HR departments effectively exchange information on HR topics - and once questions have been clarified, they are clear to everyone.

The use of personnel management software in HR management helps to overcome challenges in HR. Because with the countless inquiries, the overview is quickly lost and processing comes to a standstill. Software-supported solutions optimize common HR processes and make them more efficient.


Best Practice HR Service Processes.

With best-practice workflows, you reduce the turnaround time of service requests - especially for routine processes such as onboarding, mutations or offboarding of employees.


Actively provide important HR knowledge.

With clever knowledge management, many queries can be processed more quickly - or become superfluous altogether.



HR services are available around the clock via the Self Service Portal with a transparent service offering.

Certified HR Service Management Software

Serviceware is the first Serview Certified Tool "beyond" IT. Serview awarded Serviceware as the first provider in the field of HR Service Software with the certificate "Serview Certified Tool".

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Customer Service Management

The current digitization push is increasing the demands on customer service. At the same time, cost-conscious work is more important than ever in service management. How can you achieve the service excellence that customers expect today? It's simple: Make your customer support fast, easy and personal with customer service software. This improves the customer experience and strengthens the loyalty of your customers. And you'll also increase the productivity of your support center.


Simplified interaction for customers and customer service.

Service portal, multichannel service, and knowledge management tools make you easy to reach and improve first resolution rates.


Rely on Customer Service Automation.

Through intuitive, workflow-based case management, you ensure faster problem resolution and greater efficiency.


Create a central customer service platform.

Deliver end-to-end service experiences by mapping all customer service tasks to service management software.

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Knowledge Management

Service centers are currently facing special challenges. Existing knowledge about products and processes must be accessible across locations and in the home office. Face-to-face discussions and exchanges at the coffee machine are often not possible. In addition, today's information and processes are often outdated by tomorrow. Acquired knowledge and new experiences and insights must be shared immediately throughout the organization. So that you can continue to act instead of just react.

If your service center cannot successfully adapt to permanently changing conditions at all times, the success of your company may be jeopardized even in the short term.

Even with less dramatic effects: Longer average processing times or a decline in first-contact resolution rates are avoidable competitive disadvantages. Whether your primary value creation is in the B2B or B2C environment, your customers, suppliers and partners face the same challenges. So it's up to you to act!

Better KPIs for customer service, broader knowledge throughout the company.


A single source of truth for your knowledge.

With our AI-supported knowledge management solution, you can effortlessly maintain a centralized knowledge database. Ensure the continuity of your company's knowledge, even when employees are absent or move on.


AI makes knowledge management easy.

Let AI handle repetitive and bulk tasks so your team can focus on more meaningful work and interactions.


Share knowledge easily.

Answer frequently asked questions in FAQ widgets on your website or in a portal. Use the content of your knowledge base as the basis for an AI-powered chatbot. Send messages to a specific group or your entire team.

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Additional process packages

Benefit from many other process packages such as Facility Management or the GDPR Package, which we make available to you according to a best practice approach. In this way, you relieve the burden on other service departments in your company, increase your customer satisfaction and offer the perfect company-wide service. Contact us, we will be happy to give you an overview of our complete process portfolio.

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Serviceware - A single ESM platform for all services

Whether in Customer Service Management or in the management of Enterprise Shared Services such as IT, HR or Facility Service - with Serviceware you can rely on an integrated platform for the entire Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

The Serviceware platform includes process control, financial management, knowledge management, resource planning and performance management. A comprehensive best-practice portfolio offers proven methods, tools and key figures for your ESM. Hybrid operating models (on premises, cloud & managed services) ensure the smooth operation of your solution.

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Serviceware Processes

We enable all your service processes and access for customers and employees with the unique service management solution Serviceware Processes as part of the Serviceware platform.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to greater efficiency in customer service.

With the Serviceware platform, you are ideally positioned to utilize the potential of artificial intelligence.

Serviceware has integrated ChatGPT as a support tool for even more efficient service management processes. Since only the company's own knowledge pool is used, the highest quality standards are ensured on the one hand, while also guaranteeing that sensitive data is not used inappropriately on the other. The integration of the AI module acts as a link between the fully automated Serviceware Solution Bot and the individual support provided by the human service agent.


Easy and uncomplicated start.

Ready-to-use process packages, practical consulting and compact training will get you to go-live quickly.


First class service.

Top scores for customer satisfaction speak for themselves. With Serviceware and Ontrex, you gain a reliable partner.


Very good price performance ratio.

Extensive functions at manageable costs. In short: the best offer for your service management.

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Serviceware Knowledge

With Serviceware Knowledge, you manage all your knowledge in a single, central knowledge base. Thanks to an easy-to-use interface, everyone gets exactly the information they need, when they need it.

  • Consolidate knowledge into a central source of truth
  • Benefit from intelligent search
  • Improve your customer service measurably
  • Leverage chat bot integration
  • Support your customers through self-service via website widgets
  • Benefit from AI-powered editing capabilities

Fast knowledge search.

Thanks to its powerful search engine, Serviceware Knowledge finds everything you are looking for. Find relevant knowledge either in content you have created yourself or in uploaded documents.


Organisieren Sie Wissen effizient.

The most user-friendly product on the market visually structures your knowledge and allows you to store content the way you need it.


Share your knowledge across all channels.

The powerful rights and role management, multiple apps and an open API integrate Serviceware Knowledge seamlessly into your company.

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Serviceware: The favorite of IT decision-makers.

For the sixth time in a row, Serviceware 2023 leads the vendor evaluation of the German analyst firm Research in Action for IT and enterprise service management. In addition, Serviceware takes first place in the Recommendation Index, in the Customer Satisfaction category and in the Price-Performance Ratio.

In the study you can also read

  • in which enterprise service management and ITSM areas the CIOs of medium-sized companies will be investing in 2023
  • what their top priorities are
  • how you should assess trend topics such as AI or bots

We are pleased to provide you with the study "Vendor Selection Matrix™ IT and Enterprise Service Management - The Top Vendors for the Upper Midmarket in Germany 2023" free of charge.

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Reduce complexity and costs of Serviceware Processes integrations.

Say goodbye to time-consuming project solutions for integrating other systems. The Service Integration Hub simplifies data exchange between different management tools. Thanks to the innovative plug-in concept, you can orchestrate the message flow between different endpoints flexibly, easily and without programming or scripting knowledge.

With the Service Integration Hub, you reduce the complexity and cost of Serviceware Processes integrations. Integrate key business systems or ITSM solutions from your service providers quickly and easily.

Thanks to modular design, technical integration effort is reduced to less than an hour. Service Integration Hub uses out-of-the-box plugins to connect between management systems, the so-called endpoints. The messages are optimally matched by Service Integration Hub to the capabilities of the target system using a best-practice approach.

For more advanced requirements, Expert mode is available with powerful mapping technology. This offers the highest possible flexibility to model messages tailored to the intended use at the endpoint.


  • Calculable costs for integration
  • Standard solution with support, no individual development necessary
  • More flexibility and efficiency when implementing new requirements


A large number of plugins for connecting monitoring tools, service management solutions, database systems and collaboration tools are already available. New connections to future solutions can be set up and implemented with little effort.

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