AdminStudio - MSI Basics I

Windows Installer technology overview

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: Ontrex AG, Haldenstrasse 23, 8306 Brüttisellen
  • Participants: max. 8

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This training will be held in German language.

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AdminStudio - MSI Basics will provide an introduction into Windows Installer technology and other Microsoft and AdminStudio tools


(future) Application Packaging Engineers


Chapter 1: Windows Installer functions
Chapter 2: technical details on Windows Installer
Chapter 3: creating a simple installation routine
Chapter 4: creating installations with snapshots
Chapter 5: installation validation
Chapter 6: repackaging best practice
Chapter 7: bug elimination after installation
Chapter 8: Merge Module
Chapter 9: Transforms
Chapter 10: shortcuts
Chapter 11: MSI and Repackaging sources


You will be able to create simple installation routines, gain experience in hunting bugs in installations and learn how to use AdminStudio

Participation Fee

CHF 2,790.00, VAT excl.