System Extension and Dialog Design

Build and manage your own dialogs and objects

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Location: Ontrex AG, Haldenstrasse 23, 8306 Brüttisellen
  • Participants: max. 8

Currently no course dates are scheduled for this training.

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You can also attend this training virtually. Please also note the technical requirements.


This training will be held in German language.

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  • Serviceware Processes: Administration and System Knowledge training
  • basic knowledge of Windows Server
  • basic knowledge in programming Visual Basic Script


This course will enable you to extend your configuration of Serviceware Processes and to create your own customized user interfaces.

It should be seen as the second level of our multi-level Serviceware Processes administration trainings


Serviceware Processes administrators responsible for customizing the Serviceware Processes system and dialogs


  • introduction to Serviceware Processes object and database models
  • creating and extending Serviceware Processes object definitions
  • configuration of Serviceware Processes object relations
  • creating and extending Serviceware Processes object dialogs
  • implementing extended Serviceware Processes dialog capabilities with Visual Basic Script


You will be able to create new Serviceware Processes object definitions and dialogs and to customize existing ones. You will be able to configure object hierarchies to adapt the system to your companies needs and support processes


For this training we offer certification according to manufacturer specifications.

Participation Fee

CHF 3,590.00, VAT excl.
Certification (optional) CHF 190.00, VAT excl.