Managed Services for Nexthink

Unburden yourself

With our Nexthink Managed Service, you are relieved of a lot of the burden that is placed on your shoulders in addition to the already complex tasks. You don't have to trust us blindly. On the contrary. You receive monthly or quarterly meaningful and visually illustrated reports and we are on site when you need us.

Product Information

With this Value Pass you can utilize the full potential of Nexthink. It will support you...

With our "Nexthink Mergers & Acquisitions" service, you receive precise data and information for IT due diligence, planning and...

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And with our reports, you can always make fact-based decisions and improve end-user experience and productivity.

We monitor, report and undertake the identification, analysis and resolution of changes and problems and perform all work remotely. These are

  • Monitoring services from the client's point of view
  • Show access to intranet and internet, show client activities from the past
  • Audit Trails
  • Optimization of the infrastructure, preparation of compliance data. Also for other departments
  • Proactive reporting to ServiceDesk and creating trend analyses
  • Security management and support of the IT security department through forensic data and its analysis
  • Reports and KPIs for management (CIO, CISO, project manager etc.) and non-IT users
  • Obtaining end-user feedback

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