Service Integration Hub

Reduce complexity and costs of Serviceware Processes integrations.

Say goodbye to time-consuming project solutions for integrating other systems. The Service Integration Hub simplifies data exchange between different management tools. Thanks to the innovative plug-in concept, you can orchestrate the message flow between different endpoints flexibly, easily and without programming or scripting knowledge.

With the Service Integration Hub, you reduce the complexity and cost of Serviceware Processes integrations. Integrate key business systems or ITSM solutions from your service providers quickly and easily.

Thanks to modular design, technical integration effort is reduced to less than an hour. Service Integration Hub uses out-of-the-box plugins to connect between management systems, the so-called endpoints. The messages are optimally matched by Service Integration Hub to the capabilities of the target system using a best-practice approach.

For more advanced requirements, Expert mode is available with powerful mapping technology. This offers the highest possible flexibility to model messages tailored to the intended use at the endpoint.


  • Calculable costs for integration
  • Standard solution with support, no individual development necessary
  • More flexibility and efficiency when implementing new requirements


A large number of plugins for connecting monitoring tools, service management solutions, database systems and collaboration tools are already available. New connections to future solutions can be set up and implemented with little effort.