Service Delivery

Operation, maintenance and care of your serviceware environment.

Work hand-in-hand with experienced strategists, subject matter experts, and hands-on technicians for the long-term success of your Serviceware environment.

Our longterm experience and extensive expertise ensure unique consulting - from strategies and business models to the implementation of your software platform and ongoing support.

Ontrex AG is the Serviceware Master Reseller for Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy. In this capacity, we sell, implement and support software solutions for a wide range of customers of various sizes and industries.


Our service offerings for the operation of your Serviceware environments.


Support Services.

Fast, competent help with all questions concerning your Serviceware system.


Managed Services.

Secure operation of your systems - on-premise or in the cloud.


Small Order Services.

Fast implementation of small orders with reliable know-how for your Serviceware environment.

Support Services

Fast, competent help with all questions concerning your Serviceware system.

Quick accessibility, the right contact person and reliable answers count in service. Especially for people who provide service themselves.

To ensure that your Serviceware system remains productive at all times, our service is there for you.

The Ontrex Support is available for you

  • By telephone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00
  • Between 07:00 and 20:00 o'clock the Serviceware Support is additionally available in urgent cases.
  • By mail
  • And around the clock in the Ontrex Portal

24/7 System Critical Support Service

Do you need extended support services? Then the 24/7 System Critical Support Service is the solution for you.

  • Extended support hours with 24/7 Critical Support
  • Individually customized services possible
  • Special service level agreements
  • Extend our basic support hours (Mon.-Fri. 07-20 hrs) to 24/7 support! (7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

Managed Services

Secure operation of your systems - on-premise or in the cloud.

Use Ontrex Managed Services to relieve your IT staff of system operations. Managed Services offer you a comprehensive program of standardized services for system operation.

From regular health checks to ensure system stability and risk detection to complete solution operation on-premise or in the cloud. Find out more about the services and put together the package that suits you best. We will be happy to advise you!

Solution Management Service
Operation of your Serviceware solution (for on-premise/in-house operation).

Relieve the burden on your own IT specialists/application administrators, increase efficiency and ensure the long-term successful operation of your Serviceware Processes environment!

System Check Service
Proactive monthly/quarterly analysis of your environment by an experienced Serviceware specialist.

Avoid system failures and malfunctions proactively with the System Check Service. Thus, you not only ensure the success of the solution, but also actively avoid unnecessary costs!

Software Update Service
Secure your Serviceware Update at a fixed price!

This ensures that your Serviceware Processes system is always up to date at predictable costs. With the Update Service we install the latest version at a fixed price!

Private Cloud
Hosting and operation of your individual Serviceware environment within our data center in Germany.

Small Order Services

Fast implementation of small orders with reliable know-how for your Serviceware environment.

For minor adjustments or extensions to the system, experienced specialists from Ontrex AG are available on short notice. As a result, the solution that fits your needs best is implemented into your system within a few days of receipt of the request.

Service processes change and so do the requirements for your system. That's why Serviceware Processes is designed to enable you to adapt your system to your needs at any time.

You often need to implement these adaptations at short notice. In this case, you can quickly access our experts via the Ontrex Service Delivery Team.

The Service Delivery Team checks the feasibility for you, takes over the design of the solution and implements the change technically.

Your added value of the Small Order Services

  • Support by trained Ontrex senior professionals with a wealth of experience. Our work minimizes your risks.
  • Requirements analysis and solution design are free of charge.
  • Within the shortest possible time, you will receive a solution that exactly fits your needs.
  • Implementation is usually fast and uncomplicated via remote access.
  • Support exactly when you need it. This allows you to react quickly to changes in your business.