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Next Generation Security Solution that thinks combined with proven solutions bring your IT Security to a completely new level

Hackers are aiming for maximum damage; we aim for maximum protection

Highly advanced and targeted malware allows hackers to find ways to circumvent common security mechanisms and gain entry into company networks undetected. They hide in reputed applications, infiltrate networks over a long period and remain days or even months to steal data and assets. They are clever enough to assume a trustable position, thereby hiding in plain sight within the regular user traffic. It is right from there they will start their attacks. However, there is a recipe against them: a next generation security solution that thinks and discovers attackers that have breached the firewall before they can cause harm. Equally important are solutions that prevent breaching the firewall and provide active defenses at all levels and solutions that guarantee secure file sharing.

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Prevent Breaches and Compliance Violations from Third Party Communications

A blend of advanced threat protection techniques delivered through a single-agent architecture to eliminate security gaps across any user activity and any endpoint

Data protection with encryption for desktops, laptops, and removable media

Complete security for container, cloud, and virtualized data center environments

With today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, it’s not enough to just have advanced security protecting your users and infrastructure...

Transparent Security Box Protects Mission-Critical Machines & Supports Continuous Production Line Operation

According to a recent study, more than 90% of IT executives admit that their end-users encounter problems that they have no way of detecting ...

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Share and edit confidential documents

The Accellion Enterprise Content Firewall empowers millions of executives, employees, government workers, customers, vendors, partners, investors, attorneys, doctors, patients, and professionals from every walk of life to do their jobs efficiently—without putting their organizations at risk.

When users click the Accellion button inside email, Web, mobile, office or enterprise apps, they know it’s the safe and secure way to share sensitive information with the outside world. By giving users an easy, secure external communication channel, CISOs prevent data leaks, protect against malicious attacks, eliminate shadow IT, and gain visibility to all sensitive content entering and leaving the organization.

With on-premise, private cloud, hybrid and FedRAMP deployment options, the Accellion platform provides the security and governance you need to protect your organization, mitigate risk, and adhere to rigorous compliance regulations, such as NIST 800-171, HIPAA, GDPR, FISMA, GLBA, ITAR, and FedRAMP.

Automated, insightful, all-in-one protection for your endpoint security

In an evolving technological landscape, you need security that goes beyond traditional antivirus. Apex One offers threat detection, response, and investigation within a single agent. Eliminate multiple vendors and consoles and gain deployment flexibility through both SaaS and on-premises deployment options.

Trend Micro Apex One protection offers advanced automated threat detection and response against an ever-growing variety of threats, including fileless and ransomware. Our cross-generational blend of modern techniques provides highly tuned endpoint protection that maximizes performance and effectiveness.

Vectra threat intelligence deterministically identifies the fundamental techniques of a cyber attack, such as the use of remote access tools, hidden tunnels, botnet behaviors, and reconnaissance tools. Vectra also constantly learns your local environment and persistently tracks all hosts, both physical and virtual. This allows Vectra to recognize if a host has been compromised and if it is enabling an attacker to move laterally in the network or steal data.

We have to repackage all of our App-V and MSI applications for our Windows 10 roll-out. We can count on our partner Ontrex to deliver all packages in high quality within our given timeframe. We are very satisfied with the overall offering from Ontrex.
Michael Körner
Team Leader ICT Workplace Engineering, Zurich Airport

Cyberthreat Detection

Defend your web and email perimeter and quickly respond to new threats with a simple to administer solution. Our solutions offer real-time protection against malware, phishing, and targeted attacks, preventing the spread of malware and spam attacks, and enforcing data loss prevention policies.

Malware Protection

Every endpoint is a launch pad for a cyber-attack, no matter how it touches your network. Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are targeting organizations of all sizes with advanced threats such as ransomware and zero-day exploits. Our security solutions protect users on any device, anywhere in a matter of minutes while making security simple and affordable with an easy to manage, always up-to-date solution.


Critical information is increasingly being accessed and shared outside of the firewall across endpoints, email, and the cloud.  Protect your sensitive information no matter where it is, whether at rest or in transit. Safeguard your information and ensure compliance with our encryption solutions.

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