Endpoint Management

Individual solutions for your managing your IT environment

Unburden your IT with a future-proof Endpoint Management solution

Nobody would want to miss the huge possibilities mobility offers anymore and the big choice and variety in devices. For many employees a laptop, tablet or smartphone is part of their standard equipment, complementing the classic PC workstation at their desk. The consequences: a fast growing, heterogeneous IT infrastructure that requires an efficient and flexible management for all traditional endpoints as well as physical and virtual servers over the complete lifecycle.

Therefore, unburden your IT with a future-proof Endpoint Management Solution that provides you with secure, automated and efficient installation of applications and content on PCs, laptops and servers. Individualized and tailored to your company’s needs.

Symantec Endpoint Management Solutions Overview

Product Information

Symantec Client Management Suite (CMS) helps manage, patch, and remediate application and OS configurations for desktops, laptops and servers throughout their lifecycle ...

With the increasing demand to support bring-your-own-device. (BYOD) scenarios, organizations are faced with the challenge of finding the right balance ...

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Thanks to their valuable industry experience combined with their professional solutions Ontrex has brought tangible benefits to our organization. Due to their process-oriented view, skilled Consultants and professional implementations we were able to achieve significant enhancements in quality for both our customers and our employees. The solutions delivered by Ontrex are implemented in such a way that the End User can understand and start working with them immediately. We were able to meet all targets in terms of Compliance and Quality Assurance as a direct result of working with Ontrex.
Beat Kobler
Head of ICS, Member of Executive Council, Canton and City of Schaffhausen

Easy Software Distribution

Our professional solutions support all of your software distribution needs on multiple platforms. No matter if server or client, our Endpoint Management enables you to roll out your applications company-wide fast and easy.


Basis of all managing a professional network is taking inventory of the existing hardware and software. Our inventory solutions provide you with a clear and detailed picture of your hardware and its location and the installed software as well as its usage.

Patch Management included

Endpoint Management does not stop once the initial roll-out has been concluded. Our integrated patch management solutions enable you to keep your systems up to date, thereby helping you to prevent attacks on known vulnerabilities of your software products.

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