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Get a more complete view and actionable intelligence to improve end-user experience and business productivity – with real-time analytics from your endpoints

Get a complete view of all your IT services - in real time

Nexthink comprehensive IT Analytics solution helps you kill at least six birds with one stone. Gain operational and financial advantages for various tasks in IT Management, for example in Risk Management, Compliance, License Management, IT Operations and Services, Application Management and IT Security.

Nexthink’s unique software approach allows for company-wide real-time analytics of all endpoints, users, applications and network connections, while visualizing the IT service structure and the service provisioning. A completely new way of monitoring with real benefit.

Nexthink - Change your perspective

Product Information

According to a recent study, more than 90% of IT executives admit that their end-users encounter problems that they have no way of detecting ...

Continuous Real-time End-user Analytics for Superior IT Visibility. Unwind complexity in your environment with end-user analytics. Nexthink helps IT departments ...

Smarter IT through End-user Analytics. Change your perspective. End-user Analytics for 10,000 endpoints over a year …

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Digital Experience Score

In 3 minutes, Yassine Zaied, Chief Strategy Officer Nexthink explains the value of Digital Experience Score to businesses in an interview with Pedro Bados, CEO & Founder of Nexthink.

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Thanks to their valuable industry experience combined with their professional solutions Ontrex has brought tangible benefits to our organization. Due to their process-oriented view, skilled Consultants and professional implementations we were able to achieve significant enhancements in quality for both our customers and our employees. The solutions delivered by Ontrex are implemented in such a way that the End User can understand and start working with them immediately.  We were able to meet all targets in terms of Compliance and Quality Assurance as a direct result of working with Ontrex.
Beat Kobler
Head of ICS, Member of Executive Council, Canton and City of Schaffhausen

User centric Monitoring and Analysis

Self-discover, map and baseline all IT services by analyzing real activity and measure business impact by department and service. Understand commonalities of frequently crashing applications, long login times, locations with low network quality and more. All from an end-user perspective.

Real-Time Monitoring

Be immediately notified about anomalies and instantly drill-down for informed response. Navigate all events and issues encountered by a user, across all their devices, on a single timeline. Enable helpdesk and support teams to determine in seconds if the endpoint, the network or the back-end is the probable cause for any incident.

Integration with existing monitoring

IT departments typically do not use just one tool, but multiple tools for different purposes. The ability to combine all available monitoring tools in a convenient way is a key factor to the efficiency of your IT department. End-User IT Analytics can interact and share data gathered from an end-user perspective with third-party tools, enabling an integrated holistic view on the IT infrastructure.

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