Digital Experience Management

Get a more complete view and actionable intelligence to improve end-user experience and business productivity – with real-time analytics from your endpoints

Get a complete view of all your IT services - in real time

With its unique combination of real-time analytics, employee feedback and automated troubleshooting, Nexthink provides IT teams with unprecedented insight into the digital IT experience of employees while identifying opportunities for improvement. By combining technical performance data with subjective user feedback, IT teams gain a complete, employee-centric view of their IT ecosystem, making it easier for them to move beyond reactive problem solving to continuous, proactive improvement.

And, of course, IT meets all the expectations of the modern digital workplace.

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Product Information

Faced with constant change, IT teams are often trapped in a vicious circle – trying to innovate yet struggling to address the resulting employee issues ...

IT departments and application owners lack a true understanding of how employees experience SaaS applications. They also struggle to ...

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Digital Experience Score

In 3 minutes, Yassine Zaied, Chief Strategy Officer Nexthink explains the value of Digital Experience Score to businesses in an interview with Pedro Bados, CEO & Founder of Nexthink.

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Thanks to their valuable industry experience combined with their professional solutions Ontrex has brought tangible benefits to our organization. Due to their process-oriented view, skilled Consultants and professional implementations we were able to achieve significant enhancements in quality for both our customers and our employees. The solutions delivered by Ontrex are implemented in such a way that the End User can understand and start working with them immediately.  We were able to meet all targets in terms of Compliance and Quality Assurance as a direct result of working with Ontrex.
Beat Kobler
Head of ICS, Member of Executive Council, Canton and City of Schaffhausen

Targeted interaction with users

For more in-depth insights, use situational interaction with users to correlate your technical metrics with actual employee sentiment. In this way, you can also find problem areas that are not identifiable through purely objective measurements.

Transparent analyses in real time

Regardless of location (company, home office, traveling), you receive valuable information in real time that enables you to improve the work situation of your employees.

AI-powered insights and guidance for disruption

Implement AI-driven recommendations based on rich, real-time data to improve employees' digital IT experience. Predefined guidance helps you efficiently troubleshoot.

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