Our Partners

Strategic Partners

Accellion, Inc. enables enterprise organizations to collaborate on content with external partners securely via private cloud. Enterprises can leave existing content where it lives today, and extend it outside the firewall without having to migrate content or disrupt their business workflows. Accellion's solutions are used by more than 15 million users and 2,500 of the world's leading corporations and government agencies.

PMCS.helpLine Software Group is a leading software supplier whose goal is to generate the greatest possible added value for organizations from the combination of innovative software and excellent service. The focus of our activity is on the optimization of processes so as to boost their quality and reduce costs.

Nexthink's mission is to help IT departments transform the way they service and support business end-users. Our tag line, change your perspective, reflects this mission. When you add end-user perspective, you will see your IT infrastructure as never before and transform your IT services, operations and support.
Our company name reflects the ideas and passion of our founders to use forward thinking (i.e., to Nexthink) to solve real problems in a way no one else has.

Founded in 1982, Symantec has evolved to become the global leader in cyber security, with more than 11,000 employees in more than 35 countries. Operating one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks, we see more threats, and protect more customers from the next generation of attacks. We help companies, governments and individuals secure their most important data wherever it lives.

Vectra Networks offers the fastest, most efficient way to find and stop hidden cyber attackers inside your network -- from the campus to the data center to the cloud.Vectra provides real-time attack visibility and non-stop automated threat hunting powered by always-learning behavioral models. The result is blind-spot-free threat detection coverage across the entire network infrastructure and all devices, including IoT and BYOD. Vectra also lets you respond quickly and decisively to attacks by putting the most relevant threat information and context at your fingertips.

Technology Partners

Microsoft is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Raynet GmbH is a leading and innovative service and solution provider in information technology and specialized in the architecture, implementation and operation of all tasks within "Application Lifecycle Management."
Raynet headquarters in Paderborn, Germany and has additional locations throughout the region as well as locations in the USA, Poland, the UK and the Netherlands.

ReversingLabs was formed in 2009 to combat the next generation of intelligent cyber threats. Our customers include antivirus vendors, security vendors, government agencies, and commercial enterprises. We have a simple mission: To use our experience and expertise from the security world to provide state of the art solutions for organizations to protect all their digital assets.

Virtual solution AG is a software company that operates internationally. Its headquarters are located in Munich, Germany. We specialise in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) for mobile terminal devices and are market leaders in the field of top security solutions for companies that wish to ensure the secure integration of their staff’s mobile applications into the company’s IT systems. With SecurePIM, every single piece of information and every process that can be accessed on the computer at the workplace is also accessible on a mobile terminal device, while at the same time ensuring the full protection of sensitive corporate data. In developing this unique product, we have ensured that it combines user-friendliness and German top security technology.