Software Packaging - Pain or Gain


Hardly in the spotlight and yet an important part of IT and end-user satisfaction: software packaging. If errors occur, the end users are unable to work and the IT department is put on the spot. A strategic guide to packaging.

by Fabio Di Lorenzo

At the latest, when IT employees are busy with software installations and related problem solutions, the time has come to think about professional and automated software packaging and distribution. What is important and what options are available?


One must always keep in mind that software packaging is not for a quick and dirty approach. If the packages are faulty, a wave of problems is triggered and the helpdesk can reach its limits. And often problems due to the packages only appear after distribution. It is therefore important to take enough time for planning at the beginning and to consult an expert if uncertain. And by the way: training courses to refresh the subject matter are worthwhile in every respect.