Ontrex brings IT security strategist on board and expands security expertise


The Swiss IT and service provider Ontrex extends its strategic division and brings Harald Drexler, an experienced IT-security strategist, into the team. At the same time, the company introduces IT and cybersecurity training for managers.

IT and cybersecurity are no longer topics that can only be considered on the level of solutions when it comes to the highest possible security. Rather, security concepts that are implemented holistically, strategically and centrally are moving into focus. In order to advise and operatively support enterprises product neutrally, Ontrex expands the security range and gets Harald Drexler (49) on board. In his position as Solution Strategist Security & Compliance, Drexler will take over the priority task of advising national and international companies in their company-wide IT and cyber security strategy as well as in IT risk management and accompanying corresponding projects as of August 1, 2019. In addition, he will further expand the Security Services division at Ontrex.

Experienced security expert

Harald Drexler, a trained communications engineer, began his professional career with the Austrian Armed Forces after completing his training, where, among other things, he was responsible for information security. In addition, he was head of department in the area of IT security and counterintelligence. After 22 years in the state institution, Drexler joined TIWAG - Tiroler Wasserkraft AG, where he was Head of Decentralized Services for seven years, leading a team with diverse tasks and responsibilities. Parallel to his professional career, Drexler completed a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science - Secure Information Systems with a focus on cryptographic processes, identity and access management, information security, IT risk management, IT forensics and big data analysis methods. Besides Drexler is member with TeleTrust IT Security Association Germany in the working group "Security by Design".

Security trainings for the management

Knowledge of information security, cyber defence and risk management is also becoming increasingly important for senior management, as the primary responsibility for these issues lies with the same person as the responsibility for economic success. In order to impart this knowledge in theory and practice to managers, Ontrex now conducts two-day security training courses in its own academy. After the training course, led by Harald Drexler, the participants are able to make fundamental assessments and evaluations of information security, to recognize threats and to react to the situation in an adapted manner. Besides each participant compiles a generic measure catalog, in order to start in the context of the own IT security organization the conditions for a certification process.