Uninterrupted customer service with high standards to protect our employees, their families and our customers

Since the beginning of the spread of COVID-19, we have taken measures to secure customer projects, bear responsibility and inform our teams daily and clearly for personal safety.

We have implemented the following measures and are continuously adapting them to new instructions from the federal government:


  • We have set up a crisis management team that coordinates regularly and implements necessary decisions quickly
  • We follow the recommendations and directives of the FOPH / FDFA and the cantonal authorities
  • Events and trainings are conducted digitally as far as possible. For details please refer to our >><link internal-link>training overview
  • Internal instructions on hygiene regulations, social distancing and behaviour in case of symptoms were communicated
  • Our infrastructure is set up so that all employees can work from home
  • On-site visits are reduced to a minimum and are only carried out in consultation with our customers
  • Meetings and discussions are held digitally, whenever possible


  • Thanks to our modern infrastructure, all employees are able to work from any location and implement customer projects via remote access
  • Support is guaranteed without interruption across all communication channels

We wish everyone good health