Accellion Use Case "COVID-19"

Initial situation

In the current exceptional situation, even companies with critical infrastructures are forced to exchange information and data with their employees outside their familiar environment and with new contacts, organisations and/or authorities.

Due to the current "crisis situation", in our case* the following tasks arose overnight:

  • Employees of different organisations have to work together from different locations and networks and need shared access to information and data, some of which is highly sensitive
  • The exchange of information and data must be made possible outside the own, secure and homogeneous system
  • Compliance and transparency regarding access and activities must be ensured
  • It must be possible to control the flow of information and use of data at all times
  • Daily reports, minutes, proposals, measures, etc. must be shared quickly, easily and at the highest security level with external bodies, authorities and other companies
  • Different file types, formats and file sizes must be easily exchanged by different devices and people.

*For legal reasons this Use Case is anonymized


Accellion Enterprise Content Firewall

It enables executives, government employees, employees of government agencies and public, legal entities, customers, partners, investors, lawyers, physicians and professionals to perform their tasks efficiently without endangering their businesses and to provide external access to the internal networks


  • System was available within 24 hours
  • System was used immediately and extensively
  • 1 hour instruction was enough for the administration
  • Even older people or people with little affinity for technology found their way around immediately
  • All requirements were met and expectations exceeded

Work Together From Home with a Content Firewall (without VPN)

Recording of an Accellion webinar (in English)