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Ontrex Serviceware User Group Meeting 2022

Important information about the Ontrex Serviceware User Group Meeting 2022

Unfortunately, the UGM 2022 cannot be held on the planned date in January 2022.

We regret this very much and the decision was not easy for us. Ultimately, the deciding factor was that, due to the current Corona situation, we cannot predict how the near future will develop in terms of holding events. However, our clear and stated goal is to hold the UGM 2022 as a face-to-face event and not be one of the many online events. When the situation improves and we have more clarity, we will be happy to share more information about the UGM in spring 2022.

The "value" of the UGM is quite decisively shaped by the personal exchange, the informal conversation on the sidelines of the event and the like. This is exactly what many UGM attendees have told us; being able to interact directly with other practitioners, share experience, and discuss dos and don'ts is highly valued. Such interactions are simply not possible when conducted online.