Secure Office 365 with our free security assessments

Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular enterprise cloud service and therefore a primary target for business email compromise and other attacks. Its built-in capabilities identify known threats, but these are only a small percentage of attacks. You are responsible for blocking all unknown threats.

Together with our partner Trend Micro we would like to support you in this task: The new Security Assessment analyzes your Office 365 emails as well as possibly compromised endpoints and informs you about found threats - free of charge, EUGDPR-compliant and without any effort on your part. You receive a meaningful report with correlated information that provides a solid basis for decision-making.

As an additional service, we also offer you the possibility to simulate a phishing attack together with our experts. With ready-made e-mail templates that can be adapted to your needs, you can even create targeted Spear-Phishing campaigns based on public and/or personal information using the platform's personalized data fields.

You can see exactly who clicked on the email, what operating system they used, what browser and version they are using. Reporting also tracks whether recipients have opened any attachments and whether they have entered sensitive data on simulated websites. This makes it easy to measure and demonstrate your employees' security awareness on highly visual dashboards and reports.

Both assessments can be used independently of each other and are of course free of charge and without obligation.

Start now with our Security Assessments and find out whether your Office 365 users are comprehensively protected. All we need is your contact details. Alternatively, you can also contact us by telephone on 044 835 1000.

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