Immediate help for secure and controlled data access even without VPN

Suddenly everything is different and their home is the new workplace for many people. They need access to company data, sometimes without VPN or secure networks and with possible data leaks.

To ensure that this data is protected, that you as a company are compliant & auditable and have complete control over data access, we provide you with the Accellion Enterprise Content Firewall free of charge immediately and at least until the end of the state of emergency.

Further advantages at a glance:

  • No hidden costs or contractual obligations
  • Setup in about four hours
  • Encrypted browser connection
  • Fast connection of all employees or specific user groups

To help you immediately, we only need your contact details. Our expert Peter Spengler will contact you right away. You prefer to contact us directly? Call us on +41 44 835 10 43 or send an email to peter.spengler[at]

If your browser cannot display our contact form, please send an email to

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